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Madrid Lindy Exchange is the annual event you were waiting for to visit Madrid, dance with hoppers from everywhere and enjoy different bands at each party. Picnic, tapas, street dancing …

On February 14th 12:00 local time, hurry up and register, cause the spots are limited. We’ll have special prices for friendly communities, groups and early birds.

That’s how the Madrid Lindy Exchange was in 2019 and in 2020 MAD for Swing and Madrid’s swing community we come back to make our best efforts to have a weekend full of swing, friends and moments worth remembering.

#IlikeMadrid #megustaMadrid 


🎥 Vita San Pedro 📀 Me gusta Madrid by MAD for Swing Combo 🎼 Vicente Gil [arr.]

📷 Rocío Morales


VII Madrid Lindy Exchange. Abrimos registros el 14 de febrero