We inform you that we are sold out for the 6th Madrid Lindy Exchange! Once again, this year we are very happy for the great reception our festival has had, especially among dancers outside our city. This time we will welcome hoppers that come from 10 different countries and almost all Spanish autonomous regions. We have reached our full capacity thanks to a total amount of almost 200 visitors that, together with our local hoppers, have completed our registration process in a record time.

To those of you who got a place in our festival, we remind you that because our tickets are nominal you are not allowed to resale them without explicit permission by MAD for Swing. In the event that you are unable to attend the festival, please write to us at lindy.exchange@madforswing.es to let us know; that way we will try to reassign your place to someone else on the waiting list. The deadline for changes and refunds is 20th May 2019.

If you are from Madrid, you didn’t (or did) get a place in our festival and can’t wait to swing and share our dancing scene with foreign hoppers, we remind you that registration for the “1st BCNSwing City Exchange: BCN-MAD Edition” is still open. This event was designed for the cities of Barcelona and Madrid to share accommodation, cuisine and experiences, and the first of the two cities to hold the exchange will be Barcelona the weekend of the 22nd-24th of March. You can find more information and register for the event here.

And remember: you can take part in our free activities during the festival, so we hope to see you dancing around here this May!

Madrid Lindy Exchange Team
MAD for Swing

Madrid Lindy Exchange: Registro cerrado

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