There are so many people we would like to thank for their contribution to making this 6th edition of the Madrid Lindy Exchange possible that we don’t even know where to start…

First of all, we would like to thank the bands, who were able to keep us dancing day and night despite the heat and fatigue. They were patient and willing to collaborate with every request we made them. Thanks to the Spirits Jazz Band, Enric Peidro Swingtet, The Hot Templars, Los Rollin’ Stomps, Molino Big Band, Banda del Ángel Caído and Les Pompettes.

Thanks to Madrid’s swing schools. You always contribute with your knowledge and creativity so that dancing can reach every corner in Madrid. And what’s more, you also help in making our community one of the healthiest and most open of the peninsula.

Thanks to the companies that, with their Sponsorship, have made it possible for us to go further and become a little bigger one more year. Thanks to Guia Repsol, Black Bag and, of course, the Hispano-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.

We can’t forget about all the volunteering hands that have worked day and night to make this event possible. Not only during the weekend, but since about nine months ago, when we enthusiastically started working on doing everything the best we knew and could. Thanks to the volunteers, for their small and large contributions, for making haste, for the laughs, support and all the affection they transmit. This would not be possible without each one of you –literally.

And of course, what would an Exchange be without all the people involved? Thank you for coming from so far away and so close. We have you in our hearts and you know you can call Madrid a home.

Finally, we could not end this list without thanking the wonderful and unforgettable Norma Miller. When we started thinking about dedicating our Exchange to her, we hoped that maybe she would get to see some video in her honour. The most enthusiastic minds even dreamed of bringing her to Spain for the first time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible. But we have no doubt that her spirit has been present in each one of our dances and surely, somewhere in the universe, in one way or another, she has felt our love.

To every one of you: we look forward to seeing you next year! They’ll be more parties, more tasters, more music and much more dancing.

Sgd. MAD for Swing team

(Picture by Guillermo Latorre)


¡Gracias por un VI Madrid Lindy Exchange inolvidable!

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