During the weekend of the 6th Madrid Lindy Exchange you will enjoy many activities, including our Artisans & Vintage Market. It will be set up at the Círculo de Bellas Artes on Friday and Saturday nights. And since we want you to start selecting your favourite items, here you have a list of the brands that will join us.

Amor a muerte. Amor a Muerte is a brand of exclusive accessories that emerged from the combination of several passions of Eva Goes (founder and designer of the brand), such as tattoos and dancing, being one of the collections (“Death by swing”) a series of accessories designed for hoppers. You can find jewelry inspired in the dancers, shoes and instruments. All of them surrounded by thousands of flowers of all colors with which will the perfect addition to your outfits for this edition of the VI Madrid Lindy Exchange. You will also find handkerchiefs to stylishly keep every rebellious lock in place, and much more!

Blue Lou. Blue Lou is a jazz standard written in 1935, the Big Bands and swing’s most splendorous time of all. Blue Lou is a project that drew inspiration from that music, that time, its dances and its aesthetics. A shop with elegant shoes for swing dancers, retro and vintage enthusiasts and lovers of handmade footwear.

Raindrops Vintage. Or Mónica and Teresa! Raindrops Vintage was born out of the admiration its creators feel for the 20s to 50s and the accessories that were used then. They work with modern fabrics that they take the time an effort to look for in order to elaborate products that remind us of that era.

V.O. Art. In their own words: “We design different garments for different women.” And to do so, they find inspiration in vintage clothing and the glamour of the 1950s. They make limited series, handmade in Spain. Take a look at their custom dresses, they’re one of a kind!

And that’s it for the moment! There’s probably going be a few more surprises, though –so keep your eyes open if you find something you like!

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