If you joined us last year, you will sure remember our Mix&Match&Switch, a competition with a new format that turned out to be a blast.

In MAD for Swing we want to promote genderless swinging and so we are trying to pass on to all the dancing community the joy and freedom that exchanging roles produces regardless of your gender or sex.

For those of you who didn’t know, Mix&Match is the classic competition you find in any Lindy hop festival.
Normally it consists of two phases: in the preliminary round you dance to different parts of a song with a different partner each time that is assigned randomly and, afterwards, the judges chose the contestants that will make it to the second phase. In the finals, you dance all the time with the same partner, who is also assigned by chance before starting. But, in our case, we also include a new variation: the Switch part. That is, it is mandatory that you exchange roles several times.

Can’t quite picture it in your head yet? Check out this video of the very talented teachers Joshua McClean and Laura Glaess exemplifying the role exchange: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y9xlz1aqas

The rules are the same as in a traditional Mix&Match and so are the evaluation criteria: creativity, musicality, connection, movement fluency… Competition is for “amateurs” only, so if you teach on a regular basis you cannot sign up (unless they are free lessons).

To participate, you only have to sign up when registering. You don’t need a partner, as we previously said, because you will be provided with one during the preliminary round.

And just like every year, our numerous and marvellous prizes come freely from partner associations, dance schools and people who contributed. So now that you know what it’s about, rehearse your favourite steps, practice both roles and get ready to have fun in this unique competition!

Note: You can watch last year contest in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuIQJfNHBbY

Vuelve nuestra exitosa Mix&Match&Switch!

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