In recent years, dancing Solo Jazz has become one of the favourite dance styles for many people. Little by little, we see small circles on the dance floor where jams are gathered. Sometimes they’re organised and sometimes they happen randomly. In some cases, several people meet at the centre and in others only one person is in the centre, but they are always fun.

From the very beginning, Lindy Hop was danced in couples that had dancing alone sections. A good example is this video from the Harvest Moon Ball, where we can see the Whitey’s combining aerials, coupled steps and un-partnered dancing:

Solo Jazz, in addition to developing great creativity in our dance, gives us many positive things. Using as a reference Bobby White’s words, we can talk about several positive elements in Solo dancing: it helps you to have better body awareness, it enhances your dance as a couple (you improve your sense of rhythm, your musicality …) and music is the only thing you need to practice it, as you can do it anywhere and on your own. Nevertheless, you don’t have to dance on your own, you can always join someone and feel the music together. Here you can see another example, in this case, of Gabriella Rosati and Rikard Ekstrand of the Harlem Hot Shots:

Considering all this, we want Solo Jazz to have the starring role it deserves in our 6th Madrid Lindy Exchange; we are preparing a new “battle mode” competition in order to enjoy it to the fullest. As always, we want to keep the spirit of inclusion that defines us: it is oriented to amateur dancers who have a great willingness and performing art to show or, so to say, that aren’t teaching at any school. You can sign up in our registration desk when you pick up your wristbands at the festival.

As a closing gift, we leave you a video of Trickeration, one of the best-known routines created by Norma Miller. In this video you can see Adam Brozowski performing it in front of the very Queen of Swing in Herräng:

So now you know what to do: start practicing your distinguishing movements, because the dancing floor is on fire!

Por qué nos encanta el Solo Jazz

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