It is with great sorrow that us, the members of MAD for Swing, have decided to cancel this year’s Madrid Lindy Exchange and refund the cost of the tickets to those who had registered and already paid. If this is your case –we confirmed your spot and you paid-, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to get all your money back.

The reasons for this cancellation are more than known. We’re just two months from the beginning of the festival and uncertainty upon the development of the pandemic prevents us from doing any predictions on what the situation will be in Madrid and the rest of the world during that weekend. We were expecting to receive hoppers from all around Spain and 10 other foreign countries so far.

On the other hand, confinement makes it really difficult for our teams to work, swing schools to prepare tasters, music bands to rehearse… We don’t want to offer you a light version of the Exchange but a great weekend with the very best of Madrid’s swing scene, and to do so, we need everyone’s implication every day.

Since MAD for Swing is a non-profit organisation, we do a non-remunerated work and only musicians and technicians are paid for their job. Because of this, because we have no engagement with any employees and we haven’t signed any big contract with anyone, we are able to refund your tickets. But remember that this is not the case with most of the festivals worldwide that are being cancelled. This is, then, our small and modest contribution to cushion every dancer’s losses.

We want to thank our members and volunteers for their efforts and assistance, and a big thank you goes also to swing schools, technicians and bands for the work they carried through until now. It is not lost work; next year we’ll be one step ahead!


What’s going to happen to the Madrid Lindy Exchange?

Don’t panic! We’ll be back in May 2021 with fresh energies and a re-edited programme of the one we had prepared for this year: bands playing live music every day and big parties liven up with different big bands on Friday and Saturday nights. We’re counting on them for 2021!

And for this May 2020, if things have gone back to normal and is possible to dance outside, we’re preparing an open programme for the same weekend as the Exchange (May 22nd – 24th) for those of you who still want to come to Madrid.

We have lots of ideas, but mostly we’re keeping our classic dancing sessions with live bands on Thursday evening, Saturday morning and all Sunday. We will also talk to Madrid swing’s schools to see if they want to participate in this open programme.

If you come from abroad and can’t or don’t want to cancel your visit to our city, our hosting service will still be available for this weekend even though the Exchange is cancelled.

We’re working from home to prepare a weekend full of swing, in an open format and ready to celebrate our comeback to the streets, to social dancing, to an open event for every single one of you. It’ll be ready for May or for whenever this pandemic allows us to return to our normal life and routine; our blessed routin

In the meantime, take care! #Stayathome

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Cancelamos VII Madrid Lindy Exchange en 2020