How may I pay for my pass?
First you have to register and, then, according to the order of inscription and other spot assignment criteria , we may book one spot for you and e-mail you the payment instructions. You will be able to pay via bank transfer or Paypal but not before you have received the message confirming the booked spot; we will reject all the payments that come from any unbooked spot

I won a pass for VI Madrid Lindy Exchange; do I have to register?
If you won your pass in a school, they will send us your name and contact information; but if you register, you will be able to give us more complete information, as if you are interested in the Saturday extra activity extra, if you want to host dancers or if you need hosting. Don’t worry, you have double prize: the amount of the inscription and the spot!

Can I pass my prize through to another person?
Prizes are nontransferible, as specified in the terms and conditions of the prizes. If you cannot come, we are sorry not to dance with you, but we will release your spot.

How do I know if I have a spot?
From the 20th of january onwards we will start writing to all those who have a spot booked for their registration.  Once you receive this email, please remember to pay in time so you don’t lose this reservation; if you have any problem to carry out the payment in the due date, please write to and we will try to look for a solution.

Do I have to register with a partner?
It is not compulsory, but since we try to obtain a suitable leader-follower balance in order for all of us to enjoy, if you register with a partner it will be easier to obtain a spot. Remember to write the name of your couple in the application form and that both of you must register.

I registered and I have not yet received your news, is it normal?
Have you checked your spam box or the social file of your incoming mail? Add the address to your contacts to avoid our messages going there. Wait at least one week to receive the personalized answer after registering.

I am going to teach a taster / to take photos / to volunteer in MLE and I want to attend the whole Exchange, do I have to register?
Yes, make your registration and you could get a spot for the whole Exchange; when we write you with the payment information, we will give you the precise instructions.

I do not live in Madrid; will there be hosting for the visitor dancers?
To receive dancers from another communities and to give them the warmest welcome and hospitality is one of the aims of any swing exchange. We will try to accommodate all dancers requesting hosting. That is why we reserve half of the tickets of Madrid Lindy Exchange to dancers from other communities!

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