Norma Miller: our inspiration for our 6th Madrid Lindy Exchange


Norma Miller: our inspiration for our 6th Madrid Lindy Exchange

Legendary Norma Miller is living history of swing: the last of the great creators of lindy hop. She is a constant inspiration with her energy, her vitality and her generosity sharing the swing culture with all of those who have had the luck of meeting  her.

Spotted at 12 when she was dancing just a few steps away from the Savoy Ballroom, in Harlem, where she lived, she immediately entered the select group of dancers who shaped and created what we now call lindy hop. At 15 she was already touring with the Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers alongside other great dancers like Al Minns, Leon James and of course, Frankie Manning. Norma is the unforgettable cook in ‘Hellzapoppin’’,  in lindy hop’s most famous film sequence, but she also starred in other five films, including ‘A day at the races by the Marx brothers.

She still hasn’t put an end to her largely successful career as an artist (dancer, entertainer and singer) even though she is turning 99 today.

This is why, taking her as a reference, our 6th Madrid Lindy Exchange, to be held in May 2019,  wants to pay tribute, to thank  and to celebrate the life of this extraordinary woman and artist in her centenary, 2019. Norma will inspire our next edition: through our activities, we will learn about her, her artistic career, her influence, and the way she understands dance. Because we believe that one hundred years of a life dedicated to spreading the contagious spirit of the happiest dance in history well deserve a tribute.

Happy birthday, Norma. And thank you.

Norma Miller, inspiración para nuestro 6th Madrid Lindy Exchange / Norma Miller: our inspiration for our 6th Madrid Lindy Exchange


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11 enero, 2019

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