Do you already know our Code of Conduct? Do you know what a Purple Point is? And did you know that we have one in our Exchange? From MAD for Swing we work for a healthy and welcoming dance scene, we tell you how.

At MAD for Swing we have been working for a while to keep our dance scene with the best possible environment. That is why, two years ago, the group “Safe Space” was created and developed our Code of Conduct, a code that has traveled all over the world and you can get to know here.
But this work is not limited only to reflection, but every year, several people from the group have been present as a Purple Point in our Exchanges.
For those who are not familiar with it, a Purple Point is a space free of sexist violence, which is usually form by of a group of reference people in whom you can find support in case of harassment or aggression. Its function is to inform, raise awareness and prevent, but it is also a safe “place” where people who are victims of some kind of violence (verbal or physical) can come. This kind of violence may arise in spaces such as festivals, due to the large amount of people who get together in this type of events.
So, if this year you see volunteers with a purple badge, know that they are part of this group and that, as Purple Point, you can count on them to support you.


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Código de conducta

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